The game has been released in 1996 by Simtex sowtware initially for DOS and Windows 95 followed by several official patches. Later Mac OS port has been released. In 1997 the company ceased to exist but the game remained somewhat popular and received a number of fan patches in the following years. This page lists all official and unofficial releases.

This page contains ammended versions of the changelogs from the original sources. It corrects the placement of version 1.3 patches that were erroneously listed in the version 1.2 section of the changelog and adds several previously unlisted changes (marked by *).

In addition, two cd-rom releases that happened after the English and German 1.31 patches have their own changelogs. They contain a few additional bug fixes but still carry the same version number 1.31.

Version 1.1

Game files

Nov 9, 1996


Nov 9, 1996


Nov 22, 1996

Cd-rom no.


The initial release of the game.


The following items were changed or added after the manual had already gone to print.

  • Custom Race Screen

    • -1 food was changed to -0.5 food and its cost changed to -3.

    • A new special has been added. "Poor home world" costs -1 and makes your home world mineral poor.

    • Ship defense bonuses have been increased from +20 to +25 and from +40 to +50 at the same cost.

    • A new special has been added. "Poor home world" costs -1 and makes your home world mineral poor.

  • Star Name

    • After you colonize a planet for the first time, you will be allowed to enter a new star name. The length of the new name will be limited by the amount of horizontal space available on the main galaxy map. Bear in mind that each letter takes up a different amount of space. (For example, a "W" is wider and takes up more space than an "I."). In any case, you will be limited to 15 characters.

  • Tactical Combat

    • When playing tactical combat vs. a computer-controlled empire, there is a super-fast resolution mode. Press the "Z" key to turn on the super-fast mode. Click anywhere to turn off the super-fast mode. Combat graphics displays are minimal in super-fast mode, greatly speeding play.

  • Hall of Fame

    • To reset the Hall of Fame high scores, press Alt-C. This will restore the default scores.

Version 1.2

Game files

Nov 21, 1996


Nov 21, 1996


Nov 25, 1996

Cd-rom no.

MP190 288 D01R

This is an ammended version of the changelog from the original readme.txt. It corrects the placement of version 1.3 patches that were erroneously listed in the version 1.2 section of the changelog and adds several previously unlisted patches (marked by *).

  • The following items no longer crash the game:

    • The game no longer crashes in space combat if the Antarans capture ships.

    • The game no longer crashes if you cycle through the opening menus.

    • The game no longer crashes if the name of the home system has too many letters.

    • The game no longer crashes if the player wins by being voted leader of the galaxy and the name of the player’s emperor has more than 10 characters in it.

  • The game can now play head-to-head over a null-modem serial connection more reliably.

  • Music no longer gets cut off when exchanging technologies during hot-seat play.

  • When a system is demanded in the diplomacy screen, the proper message is sent to the other player.

  • Offering gifts to other races will no longer hurt the player’s diplomatic relationship.

  • Evolutionary Mutation will now correctly give the player 4 points to distribute instead of a random amount.

  • * Creative races can no longer be made Uncreative with Evolutionary Mutation.

  • * The player is now able to choose Warlord for Evolutionary Mutation.

  • * Shield strength value is now correctly displayed in the Ship Design screen, including the effect of Multi-Phased Shields.

  • Clicking Alt-spacebar no longer displays a drop-down menu.

  • * Clicking F9 now always displays the distance between two stars on-screen.

  • * Ship destination line graphics have been improved.

  • Planetary shield graphics have been improved.

  • The hand icon no longer turns black before combat.

  • The bombing explosions no longer turn black if bombing is resumed.

  • * Leader portraits on the ship info pop-up in tactical combat are no longer displayed in color but in greyscale.

  • * Improved readability of leader names in the Colony screen.

  • The Hall of Fame now records players' high scores.

  • The Hall of Fame now supports longer emperor names.

Version 1.3




Game files

Mar 3, 1997

Feb 19, 1997

Readme file

Feb 11, 1997

Feb 19, 1997

Date in readme

Feb 10, 1997

Feb 10, 1997


Mar 3, 1997

Mar 1997

Cd-rom no.


MP390 288 D01R

Since version 1.3, the game is available in the German language. The 1.3 patch for the English version was released to the web on March 3, 1997 as a 2.9 MB zip file (that did not contain a readme file), and re-released on March 4 as a 3.3 MB zip file (this time with a readme).

  • New Features

    • The last customized race created will be saved. It can be loaded by clicking on the "Last Race" button instead of selecting a picture for your custom race to use.

    • Customized races can now be named by their creator. Just click on the race name in the top middle of the Race Customization screen to edit the name.

    • Individual ships can be renamed using the detailed ship display. This display is reached by right-clicking on a ship in the Fleet Movement pop-up list, the Fleet Operations screen or the Leaders screen. In the detailed ship display, left-click on the ship’s name to enter a new ship name.

    • * Cycling through the ship pictures in the Ship Design screen will no longer change the ship name, preserving custom names.

    • When refitting a ship, you will be prompted to select a current ship design if there are any of the same size class as the ship to be refitted. The refitted ship will have its design updated to the chosen design’s specifications. The design screen will still be available as an option as in earlier versions.

    • In tactical combat, pressing "T" will end the current player’s turn.

    • Left-click on the marines displayed at the bottom of the Colony screen to display your current ground combat statistics.

  • Rule Changes

    • Tutor level should be a little easier.

    • The Custom Race option is available on all difficulty levels.

    • The Creative racial ability now costs 8 picks. As a result, the base Psilon race loses Artifact home world and gains Large home world.

    • The attacker will now always move first in tactical battles, except for the Antarans who will always move first regardless.

    • Players no longer get System Specials if there is a monster there after combat. (This used to happen with moster:space_eel[Space Eels] since they don’t attack you. It could also happen if two players showed up on the same turn: the monster attacks one and then the second player chooses not to attack the monster.)

    • If both sides die in a battle vs. the Guardian, the player will get Loknar’s special now. (Previously, you had to actually win the battle, not just tie.)

    • * Loknar now brings 1-2 extra randomly selected technologies. If already in your possession, no other technology is received instead.

    • In an obscure rule change, there are now always some pre-allocated ships for the humans in a single-player game. Before, the ship slots were allocated round-robin among all players. In games with very large number of ships, this meant that you might sometimes only be able to build a few ships in a turn.

    • Gyro-Destabilizers now take 75 space and cost 50 BC. Their damage has also been decreased to 1-4 per size class of target ship.

    • Ion Pulse Cannons now take 30 space, do 2-10 points of damage and cannot be modified to be Heavy Mount.

    • Plasma Cannons have been increased to 25 space.

    • Fighters have a 50% chance to avoid the effects of any ship self-destruct or warp core breach explosions.

    • Assault shuttles are now one-shot weapons. They land their marines, but do not return to the launching ship.

    • * The Wide Area Jammer fleet wide bonus is no longer cumulative with any missile evasion bonus given by jammers. Only the best bonus applies.

    • The Damper Field will block any marine casualties caused by Neutron Blasters and Death Rays.

    • Extra combat turns given by the Time Warp Facilitator will be given after the opponent has taken a turn.

      1st player: normal turn
      2nd player: normal turn
      1st player: extra turn
      2nd player: extra turn
    • * Missiles on the Missile Base get the ECCM mod immediately instead of at level 1 miniaturization and this mod no longer uses space.

    • * Missiles on combat satellites now get ECCM immediately and the ARM and FAST mods at L1. These mods do not use space.

    • * Combat Satellites have Warp Dissipator fitted once the technology is available. (An extra line has been added to the Star Base Specials table.)

    • * The Guardian now has 2 Spatial Compressors.

    • * Antaran ships now have missile jammers onboard.

    • * Antaran Raiders (frigates) now have a Neutronium Bomb onboard and Intruders (cruisers) have 2 Spatial Compressors instead of 1.

    • * AI now mounts Stellar Converters on Doom Star class ships.

  • Bug Fixes

    • Modem problems with head-to-head play have been addressed.

    • A network synchronization bug involving viewing battle results when one player’s computer was slower than the other has been fixed.

    • The Tiny planetary shield crash bug is fixed.

    • Graphical problems with planetary shields have been fixed.

    • The lockup when all the ships on one side are in stasis is corrected.

    • Ships in stasis will not take damage from ship explosions.

    • Ships will now be able to reach Elite crew status.

    • If your income is negative and you are giving tribute to another player, you give them zero BCs instead of a negative amount of BCs.

    • * Colony base maintenance cost is now 0 instead of 5 BC, preventing displayed nett income to be 5 BC too low on turn of a colony base completion.

    • * Left-clicking on the Freighters window when all freighters are in use for population transport will no longer crash the game.

    • The overflow bug if you research more than 32,767 research points per turn has been fixed. The number now truncates to 32,767. The same fix was made for the player’s gross income.

    • When you acquired the application you were currently researching by nonresearch means (diplomacy, spying, etc.) and you were Creative or it was a gray box field, the game used to erroneously give you the whole field, resetting chosen research to none and amount of invested research points to zero. The game will now correctly assign you to research another application in the field (unless there are none, in which case you get the field).

    • * Researching a high tier ship shield technology no longer gives all lower tier ship shields for free.

    • Human players may now give Antaran technology to each other.

    • * Leaders starting experience is now equal to the xp threshold of their intended starting level (60/150/300 instead of 50/100/250). As a result, leaders now start at the correct skill level.

    • You are now able to hire "special" leaders.

    • Leaders give their special technology when hired, even if hired on a later turn.

    • Assassin leaders now correctly kill an enemy spy when you’re told they do.

    • The player will now benefit from Loknar’s Galactic Lore skill.

    • It used to be possible to circumvent the 5-turn ETA by sending the leader to the pool and then back to the same star system. This has been fixed.

    • Captured ships with officers can no longer be refitted on the refit pop-up menu.

    • Scrapping (captured) ships now gives you the opportunity to learn improved fuel cell technology.

    • The Colony Building Queue screen is changed to list the planet name.

    • If you press the "<" and ">" keys on the Colony screen and the Colony Building Queue screen, you will automaticaly skip the outposts in the lists.

    • On the Fleets screen, the relocation hot-key has been changed to F5. The hot-key for cancelling all relocations has been changed to Alt-F5.

  • Misc

    • * "Zog, the Gnolam Capilatist" is now called "Grogg, the Gnolam Capitalist".

    • Asteroids were added to the Colony system display. TODO missing from Rocco’s version, check;

Version 1.31 (English, German, French, Spanish)






Game files

Mar 26, 1997

Mar 26, 1997

Mar 26, 1997

Mar 26, 1997


Apr 11, 1997


Mar 24, 1997**

Mar 11, 1997***


Apr 11, 1997

Apr 1997

Apr 1997

Apr 1997

Cd-rom no.



MP290 288 D01R

MP490 288 D01R

 * No readme is included in the German 1.31 patch.
 ** 'version 1.31' heading, but 1.31 patch notes are missing.
 *** 'version 1.3' heading, and 1.31 patch notes are missing.

Since version 1.31, the game is also available in French and Spanish.

  • New Features

    • Tactical combat ship initiative is now an option on the Game/Settings screen. When this option is enabled, ships in combat will move in the order of their initiative rating. The initiative rating is equal to the ship’s total beam offense bonus divided by 10 plus the ship’s current combat speed [Offense/(10+speed)]. Thus, smaller ships should move before bigger, slower ones.

  • Bug Fixes

    • The occurrence of "You are too powerful" messages from the computer AIs has been reduced. Various other changes to decrease the erratic behavior of computer AIs in diplomacy (such as races declaring war on you for economic expansion) have also been made.

    • All ships in a fleet are removed from a system if that race accepts your demand to so, instead of just the ships with weapons.

    • If two races own planets in the same system, the colors of the labels now reflect that in the Windows 95 version.

    • * In the Colony system display, toxic planets are now colored gold instead of red and radiated planets are red instead of gold. (Except for tiny toxic, radiated and barren planets that are red, silver and gold resp.) Note that the updated file 'colsysdi.lbx' that contains this change is not present in the German version of the patch.

    • Using the Alt-CRUNCH cheat now triggers the cheat warning in multiplayer games.

    • The Hall of Fame now records players' high scores.

Version 1.31 (Spanish + Italian)


es, it (2-in-1)

Game files

Apr 24, 1997

Readme file

Mar 11, 1997 (es), Feb 12, 1997 (it)*

Date in readme

Feb 10, 1997 (es), Feb 11, 1997 (it)


May 1997

Cd-rom no.

MPB90 288 D01R

 * both with 'version 1.3' heading, and 1.31 patch notes are missing.
  • New Features

    • Spanish or Italian language can be set on the Game Settings window. The Accept button immediately puts the new language into effect and closes the menu.

  • Bug Fixes

    • In combat with ship initiative enabled, ships trapped in a Black Hole Generator will now be destroyed after two turns instead of remaining immobilized.

    • In the System window, the correct number of colony ships is now displayed when there are more than one present.

    • Some logic has been added for better wording for cases where printf templates were lacking. *

Version 1.31 (multilingual)


en, de, fr, es, it (all-in-one)

Game files

Dec 18, 1997





Cd-rom no.

PPX90 288 D01R

 * The readme files haven't been updatef for this version.
  • New Features

    • One of five languages can be set in the Game Settings window. The Accept button immediately puts the new language into effect and closes the menu.

Version 1.6 for Mac OS

Mac OS version is a heavily modified mac port of the original. It has a separate version history, "Mac Ver 1.4" is NOT the same game as 1.40, "Mac Ver 1.5" is NOT the same as 1.50. Simtex passed the code to some Mac people who went on porting and fixing bugs along the way. As a result a slightly different game came out. It was never compatible with the PC version in multiplayer.

  • Mac Ver 1.6

    • Added GameRanger support.

    • Added AppleEvent support.

    • Limited advisor animation speed on technology screen.

    • Insured that players receive notification of cheating in multi-player games.

    • Completely replaced drawing engine, fixing a number of memory overwrites.

    • Fixed missing month text in certain situations in the load/save dialog.

    • Fixed graphic clipping bugs in tactical combat.

    • Fixed lack of screen centering in tactical combat when ship initiative is turned off.

    • Fixed bugs concerning production and BC crediting to players.

    • Implemented true gamma fading for displays.

    • Fixed bad buffer when loading saved network games.

    • Fixed buffer overwrite when selecting unexplored stars on main screen.

    • Fixed bug in the colony summary screen which usually manifested itself as a crash in hotseat games.

    • Optimized tactical combat, diplomacy, etc. code.

    • Fixed bug in popup info window when right-clicking on planet in system window.

    • Fixed tactical combat so ships are immobilized and released correctly.

    • Fixed logic bug causing AI to destroy their own fighters when returning to mother ship.

    • Fixed text drawing bug on colony screen which was randomly overwriting memory.

    • Fixed potential sound channel initialization problem.

    • Fixed boarding so the damper field is 50% effective as per its description (not 66% as found in code.)

    • Added support for monitor selection on a multiple monitor system.

    • Fixed memory overwrite when cursor moved below bottom of screen.

    • Fixed assimilation handling so feudal governments assimilate immediately as per the manual.

    • Added message when human player colonies are taken by AI using mind control.

    • Fix Y2K issue in load/save dialog.

  • Mac Ver 1.5.1

    • Fixed Tactical Combat bug relating to hanging at the end of the combat round when capturing ships.

  • Mac Ver 1.5

    • Removed Draw Sprocket and Display Manger dependancies.

    • No longer switches monitor resolution on launch.

    • Added support for forcing movies to run in 256 colors by holding down the Option key on launch.

    • Fixed bad port when playing Quicktime movies which could cause crashes in some situations.

    • Added option to disable the "Antaran Attack" movie.

    • Fixed drawing of background in Information screens.

    • Fixed (added) scrollbars in Fleet Officer screen.

    • Fixed intermittent hanging when pausing game.

    • Fixed hidden cursor while game paused.

    • Fixed bug introduced in V1.4 which caused race pictures to not be drawn when eliminated.

    • Fixed Officers screen drawing bugs introduced by V1.4 speed improvements.

    • Improved mouse response on detailed ship information popup (Fleet and Officers screens, and Tactical Combat - Scan).

    • Fixed update flash on banner selection screen.

    • Improved mouse response on Game Menu and all associated sub menus.

    • Fixed screen updating problems in build list with Colony Bases.

    • Fixed all references to Left & Right clicking and Alt keys (data file change).

    • Fixed highlighting stuff for designing ships broken in V1.4.

    • Fixed "What Ship ?" and "What ?" cursors so hotpoint is in center.

    • Essentially re-wrote the "Repeat Build" UI support from scratch.

    • Fixed networking support for TCP/IP Games over the internet.

    • Fixed a number of buffer overwrites which where causing damaged heaps and miscellaneous crashes.

  • Mac Ver 1.4

    • Introduced processor specific optimized builds.

    • Added support for disabling movies by holding down the Control key on launch.

    • Changed startup test to work with monitors that don’t support 640X480 mode.

    • Fixed stack overflow crash on 68k machines at the Construction Orders screen.

    • Improved mouse movement on most screens.

    • Improved drawing speed of many screens.

  • Ver 1.3.1

    • Original release.

Windows 95 version

Every original non-Mac release contains both DOS executable called ORION2.EXE, and Win95 executable called ORION95.EXE. Win95 version is known as problematic in the community, because:

  • it crashes more, especially when using network,

  • it has performance issues,

  • it is incompatible with DOS version in multiplayer,

  • consequently it has rarely been used and have never received fan patches,

  • lastly, on modern computers a DOS executable can easily be run under DOSBox in various OSes, while the Win95 executable works neither on modern Windows nor on Unix systems.

The problems of Win95 version are likely due to the rushed porting. To quote an interview It was definitely developed under DOS. I did the DOS network support, and don’t even remember any Win95 testing for MOO2. In any case Win95 version is rarely used nowdays.

The 1.31ru

The complete translation of 1.31 into Russian by Grig de Griz including art and fonts. This is a binary conversion mod, all fonts are redrawn as cyrillic, you can’t have latin letters in it. Functionally it is the same as 1.31, thus it’s incompatible in network multiplayer with the 1.40 or 1.50.

The 1.40 Fan Patch

The 1.40 is a series of fan patches culminating in 1.40b25f created by Lord Brazen. The most common and feature-rich version 1.40b23 was released in 2006. It fixed a number of bugs and introduced some multiplayer features. For the longest time this version has been used by the online multiplayer community and has even been included into Steam and GoG distributions. The later versions released in 2008, 2020 and 2022, are very minor updates. The changelog below is an adaptation of the file 'MOO2v140_readme.txt' from





Sep 10, 2022


Sep 12, 2022

  • V-sync — Disabled vsync, greatly speeding up switching between screens.

  • Build Queue Blockers — Disabled warnings for housing, trade goods or repeat builds above a product in the build queue if setting 'auto delete trade goods/housing' is off.




Nov 9, 2020


Nov 9, 2020

  • Screen Fades — Screen fade-ins and fade-outs are now faster.

  • Tactical Combat Setting — In the Game Setup screen, Tactical Combat is now turned on by default.

  • Missile Racks Default — In the Design Dock console, missiles default to x2 shot racks instead of x5.

  • Menlo Cheat — Alt-menlo gives 30.000 instead of 9.999 research points.




Aug 18, 2008


May 22, 2010

1.40b24 and 1.40b23 exe’s are identical except for the date and version number.




May 22, 2006


May 22, 2006

Changes from earlier 1.40 versions are listed here too.

The 1.40 game executable has 28K code space and 4K data space added.

  • New Features

    • Post Warp technology age — All players get all techs 250RPs and below except for fighter bays (even creative races will not receive fighter bays).

    • Cluster galaxy — This new map has more stars in the same area as a large galaxy. Single player only.

    • Improved home systems — There will now be at least one colonizable planet in your home system (plus your homeworld).

    • New command line switches:


No nebulae are generated on new maps.


No wormholes are generated on new maps.


No black holes will appear on new maps. Any generated black hole is converted to a star of random color.


Orion and the Guardian are not generated on new maps. A regular system will appear in its place.


No splinter colonies will appear on new maps unless there is a monster guarding it. Unguarded splinters are converted into planets with gold deposits.


The unoccupied planet closest to the sun in all home systems will be at least 2 production per worker and its gravity will match that of the homeworld. Will not generate rich/ultra rich large/huge planets.


The unoccupied planet closest to the sun in all home systems will be huge and its gravity will match that of the homeworld.


The unoccupied planet closest to the sun in all home systems will be rich and its gravity will match that of the homeworld (this switch is ignored if /goodstart is used).


The unoccupied planet closest to the sun in all home systems will be ultra rich and its gravity will match that of the homeworld.

The switches /minstart, /hugestart, /richstart, and /goodstart all affect ONE and the same planet. Their effects are cumulative.

Sets the starting race picks points to #. Valid values are 10-14 (default is 10). If you try a value outside of the valid range it will use the default. Note: some screens in the game only show the first 11 race picks (it is possible to pick more than 11).


Sets the minimum number of planets in all home systems to #. This value includes the home world. Valid values are 2-5 (default is 2). If you try a value outside of the valid range it will use the default.


All players start out with the ability to build androids (all 3 types).


The housing option will no longer be available from the build list so housing production will not be possible. This switch also adds +150% bonus to population growth. The bonus will be added into the growth formula exactly the same way that the bonus from universal antidote is.


The report button on the diplomacy screen will be disabled, preventing you from seeing what technology your opponent has. Also, Technology demands and trades are greyed out.


Disables the scan button in combat so that detailed scans of ships will no longer be possible. Only quick scans will be possible by mousing over the ships. (Bugged; scan is still possible with the 's' hotkey)

  • Removed Features

    • Last Race button — The last race button has been removed from the multiplayer Select Race screen to prevent numerous bugs (duplicate race pictures / various crash bugs).

    • Modem Comm Info and TEN buttons — The modem Comm Info button has been disabled (and greyed out) in order to make room for the patch code. If you need to configure the modem settings, you can use the 1.31 version of the game to do so. The TEN button has been disabled (but not greyed out) for the same reason.

  • Bug Fixes

    • Missing VESA bug — You should no longer receive the erroneous "load VESA.COM" message when you have a proper VESA VBE enabled video card.

    • Display Redraw Routing bug (1) — Fixed a problem in a display redraw routing that sometimes resulted in memory outside the VESA display memory window to be overwritten. This bug could cause random crashes and lockups.

    • Display Redraw Routing bug (2) — Fixed another problem with a display redraw routing that sometimes resulted in memory outside of the video frame buffers to be overwritten. This could cause parts of the save game to become corrupted, random crashes, and other strange behavior.

    • ESC from Custom Race screen bug — Pressing ESC on the Custom Race screen could wrongly display the 'Last Race' instead of the 'Custom' button in the Select Race screen. This occured after creating a new custom race (not when chosing Last Race). Now the correct 'Custom' button will always be displayed.

    • Ship leader crash — The game will no longer crash when you view ship leaders and you have no ships.

    • Credit cheat fix — You will no longer produce Trade Goods and a buildable item on a colony in a single turn if you have no next item in your build queue. Previously the excess production was counted twice, giving the extra BCs while still storing the production. One side effect is tech breakthrough happenning before combat now.

    • Repeat Build bug — It is no longer possible to cancel the production of a Repeat Build item after it has been bought. Cancellation allowed money to be converted to stored production. This could be exploited to purchase expensive items by canceling multiple cheaper repeat built items over the course of several turns.

    • Arti planet bug — The planets artifacts research bonus will no longer vanish in LAN games when an opponent ends his turn first.

    • Cloned cships and opships — Colony ships and outpost ships should now always be used up when the ship lands. It should no longer be possible to build the colony and keep the ship.

    • Stealth Field bug — Ships equipped Stealth Field technology will no longer be visible to long range scans on the Galaxy Map.

    • Cloak techs bug — Ships equipped with the Cloaking Device or Phasing Cloak will no longer be visible to long range scans on the Galaxy Map.

    • Phasing Cloak bug — All Phasing Cloaked ships should now always revert to regular cloaking after 10 rounds during combat instead of only ships from player #0.

    • Tractor Beam crash — Tractor Beams should no longer crash the game when a player is moving a ship wile Tractor Beams are engaged. (This was most notable if one of the ships involved was off-screen.)

    • BHG with INI bug — When ship initiative is enabled, a Black Hole Generator should now destroy a ship instead of only immobilizing it.


    As part of the 1.40 patch, a fix was made to the MOO2 file 'RKERNEL.COM' that corrects a problem with sending packets during LAN game play in Windows XP, preventing lockups and crashes. This fix is not needed when playing in DOSBox.

    If you have bought Master of Orion II: Battle at Antares online and play the English DOS version, then you are running patch version 1.40.b23 and you have the fixed RKERNEL.COM.

    If you do not have the fixed RKERNEL.COM and experience problems during LAN games played natively in Windows XP, you can patch the file as follows:

            off => 0x765C
            old => "01 74"
            new => "00 75"
            off => 0x7697
            old => "01"
            new => "00"
  • Introduced Bugs

    • The patch introduced changes to end of turn calculations, affecting many aspects of the game. In regard to economics it contributed to the Free Cash Bug. In regard to tech it made Tech happen before the combat.

The 1.50 fan patch

A series of extensive fan patches with numerous fixes and improvements. Initially based on 1.40 it incorportaes all of its fixes. This is the most current and feature-rich version of the game still regularly updated, it has:

  • Customizable build lists and additional shortcuts for simple colony management.

  • Modding support, comes with a set of popular mods, mods can be selected from the Launcher.

  • Scripting support for user convenience and advanced modding.

  • Simple multiplayer setup in the Launcher.

  • Numerous fixes, but little change to the game. The config defaults are all set to mimic the original behavior where possible.

The latest changelog is packaged with the patch. The in-depth description of fixes can be found in the appropriate game mechanics articles.