Those who contributed to the MOO2 in some way are listed here in chronological order.

Steve Barcia

The designer of the original game.



The prominent player since the early days still active on Discord. The author of the DC mod. His blog at has MOO2 tips, strategies, interviews with the game creators and other stuff.


The author of Corion2 save game editor.

Dmitry Yulmukhametov

The original author of OCL.

Grig de Griz

An enigmatic Russian programmer, the author of MOO2 Workshop tool which he used to create the complete MOO2 translation into Russian. While the latter is incompatible with more recent 1.40 or 1.50 patches, the former is still a go-to tool for manipulating MOO2 graphics.

Lord Brazen

The author of 1.40 patch and oclplus tool. A programmer of considerable prowess, apart from implementing a number of bugfixes in machine code also managed to add memory pages to the original LE executable. This is no easy feat considering the obscure nature of the LE format. The same memory page map is used by the 1.50 patch to this day. Maintains a MOO2 themed forum, mostly deserted today but its old threads are still informative.


A prominent player, the author of Mapgen.exe.


The author of OCL Improved and site, which holds a collection of MOO2 tools and patches.


The author of the VDC mod and the central figure in VDC community.

Andrey Tyukov

A Russian programmer who helped IR to maintain the VDC mod. Author of a couple dozen binary patches some of which has been included in 1.50.


The creator of site and the associated discord channel. The author of multiple youtube videos and a good portion of this book. Originally the creator of ICE mod from before 1.50, he later became one of the founding authors of the patch.

Alexey Svirchevsky

A Russian programmer, one of the founding authors of 1.50 patch.


One of the founding authors of 1.50 patch.