The ultimate Master of Orion 2 fan patch.

June 1, 2020  |  10463 kB zip file

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1.50 New Features

Play against a random number of opponents | Play with auto designed ships | 6th ship design slot | Greatly improved build queue management | Unbuy function | New hotkeys.

1.50 Modding

Integrated mapgen functionality | Extensive modding with plain text configuration files | Lua scripting support.

mapgen parameters

1.50 Included Mods

1.50 improved | ICE 26 | VDC | Version 1.2 mod | Melee | Lots of mapmods. | A standard mode is available, which is purely the patch, no mods.

1.50 Compatibility

English, German, French, Spanish and Italian DOS editions of Master of Orion 2 are supported. Installing the 1.50 patch does not break your current MOO2 installation. No files are overwritten. Version 1.31 or 1.40 games remain intact.

MOO2 Classic Patches

English version 1.31 patch
Last Microprose patch. April 11, 1997. 3350 kB.

German version 1.31 patch
Last Microprose patch. April 11, 1997. 2342 kB.

There are no patches for the French, Spanish and Italian editions because they already released at version 1.31.

English version 1.40 fan patch
The English DOS version sold online is fan patch 1.40b23 from May 2006. Information about this patch can be found in Lord Brazen's 1.40 patch FAQ. Should you want to revert to the last official patch, then download English version 1.31 patch (above), extract the file "ORION2.EXE" from the zip file and copy it into your MOO2 directory.


MOO2 Mods

ICE-F 26.2
ICE-F is a mod-of-the-mod by Dirtbag. It's used for multiplayer.

Depth 5.21
Link to a mod by Depth386 for the 1.50 patch.

No AI surrender micromod
Prevents AI from surrendering before turn 1000. Unzip and place config file in 150\mods\150, then restart MOO2 Launcher.


MOO2 Tools

Corion2 1.1.1
Savegame Editor. 153 kB. Corion version 1.1.1 has been optimized for the 1.50 patch.

MoO2 Workshop
LBX editor suite by Grig de Griz. 2713 kB. Handles text, picture and font files. Includes a leader editor.

O2M 4.02
Modding tool and game launcher by Ponkyo. Link to external page. Includes a tech tree editor.
Note that O2M is incompatible with MOO2 Launcher. If you want to use both, then create 2 separate MOO2 game directories, one for each launcher.


How to install the patch on Windows.

Build Queue Management in the 1.50 patch.

More Build Queue Management in the 1.50 patch.

Improved Combat AI against planets in the 1.50 patch.

MOO2 Ship Initiative II mechanic in the 1.50 improved mod.

16 turns blitz (small galaxy, classic map, average tech).

26 turns diplo-blitz (small galaxy, 150i map, average tech).

59 turns blitz (huge galaxy, classic map, pre-warp tech).

Excellent pop growth (large galaxy, GM3 map, average tech).

Soundtrack with comment by original composer Laura Barratt!